Kick off meeting of the WMW project in UK!

The first meeting of the Erasmus+ project Women Making Waves – Enhancing Female Leadership Skills took place in Sheffield, UK!  The WMW project seeks to increase women’s confidence, self-awareness, employability and leadership opportunities and close the gender gap in such positions, by increasing and supporting female representation. It also aims to build closer connections between women seeking to develop their careers across Europe with a cross-border support system, and address social inclusion by helping double disadvantage women attain their professional goals.

Through the first transnational meeting, the partnership had the chance to meet each other face to face and set their common goals regarding the project and the way that they are going to implement all the necessary steps in order to identify the needs of these women in relation to leadership training, aligned to business demands, in order to maximize their career opportunities and support their professional advancement.

Stay tuned for our updates! We are about to make some waves!