Directorate of Equality, Project Coordinator (Iceland)

Directorate of Equality is a governmental institution responsible for monitoring the Gender Equality Act. The Directorate provides counselling and education. The Directorate also helps with preparing complaints for the Gender Equality Complaints Committee and advises government authorities, institutions, companies and individuals on gender equality issues. | FB: @ Jafnréttisstofa |

IED - Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Greece)

iED is a research organisation established in 2005, focused on the promotion of entrepreneurship for everyone. The organisation’s main activity is the implementation of projects under some of Europe’s most influential and groundbreaking Programmes like the HORIZON 2020 and the ERASMUS+ programmes. | FB: @ied.europe | Twitter: @ied_europe | Instagram: ied.europe | Linkedin: iedeurope

AMUEBLA - Innovative Business Association of Furniture Manufacturers (Spain)

Founded in 2009, AMUEBLA is comprised of group of stakeholders working together to address needs in the furniture and habitat sector, representing the interests of more than 80 companies and over 2,500 employees. AMUEBLA has participated in more than a dozen European projects within the Erasmus+ and Interreg programmes. | Twitter: @AmueblaCoop

Inova Consultancy Ltd. (United Kingdom)

Inova Consultancy Ltd (UK) provides a flexible consultancy service that responds to the needs of organisations and individuals internationally in the area of diversity, equality and entrepreneurship. Inova has specialist experience in the development and delivery of coaching and mentoring programmes for a range of different groups. | FB: @inovaconsultancypage | Twitter: @InovaUK | Linkedin: InovaUK

Icelandic Regional Development Institute (i.Byggdastofnun) (Iceland)

The Icelandic Regional Development Institute (IRDI) is an independent institution owned by the Icelandic state. IRDI monitors and research regional development in Iceland. Its main function is to contribute to regional development through the implementation of government policy via the introduction of regional strategies. | FB: @byggdastofnun | Twitter: @byggdastofnun |