Women Making Waves Project

Enhancing Female Leadership Skills

About the Project

The “Women Making Waves – Enhancing Female Leadership Skills” project aims to empower double disadvantaged women to develop their leadership skills and strengths.

The goal is to make them more aware of the disproportionate number of women in leadership roles and encourage them to break this pattern and “make waves”.

Women’s Confidence

Increasing women’s confidence, self-awareness, employability and leadership opportunities and helping to close the gender gap in such positions, by increasing and supporting female representation.

Strong Connections

Building closer connections between women seeking to develop their careers across Europe with a cross-border support system, and address social inclusion by helping double disadvantage women attain their professional goals.

Women Needs

Identifying the needs of these women in relation to leadership training, aligned to business demands, in order to maximise their career opportunities and support their professional advancement.

The Main Training Activities Of The Project


Face-to-face and online trainings will be developed in order to provide tools to improve soft skills, such as communication, negotiation and creativity and foster social inclusion.

E-learning Academy

The participants of trainings will attend the Women Making Waves E-learning Academy, where they can create their own leadership Portfolio and participate in the Leader Circles™. They will be offered peer-support in the process of developing their leadership skills.

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